Xamara L Maisonet is a chemist at Reedy Creek Improvement District, now for eleven years. She loves to travel, write and photography. For six years she was in charge of the drama team at her church where she wrote and directed the presentations for Christmas and Easter. Many years ago she found inspiration and a way of release her emotions by writing in a journal. She shared her writings with some friends and family. One day a friend encouraged her to start a blog. She did, but wasn’t very consistent.

Few years ago she started another blog (Travelmystories), where she writes and share her travels.  Recently she started another blog on photography (Photolifestories). Both blogs are a way to practice what she enjoy the most, documenting life by writing and taking pictures.

She started a new chapter in her life going back to school for an Associate Degree in Science in Media Technology with specialization in Mobile Journalism with a minor in Photography. One of her goals is to be a Documentary Photographer.

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